Saturday, May 25, 2013

Kangaroo Court and Christmas In... April?

SCONY Mountain Weekend- Sunday/Monday

Sunday of the weekend had arrived. I joined everyone for the pajama breakfast and the goodbyes were starting already. I'm terrible at goodbyes and I think a few people strategically avoided me at the end so they could slip away without me crying all over them. *coughMrLewiscough* How rude. I went to my room with BV to play once more before he would be leaving. He gave me a long hand spanking and then used a few straps and paddles, resulting in the coloring you see in the picture. We ended with a hug. I got dressed for the day and headed to the lounge to help rearrange things for the night.

Oddly enough I didn't visit the woodshed all weekend. I had yet to go to Room 10 either until Hank grabbed me for one final spanking before he was leaving. (For Marne- Sink? What sink?) I did not notice a sink in the room as I was bent over. Hank spanked me with his hand which was still as hard and stingy as the last two times. He removed his belt and finished with that, mindful of my previous marking. I definitely got my belt fix at this weekend. We hugged and said our goodbyes. Then I was off for my next adventure.

Soon after that, R, M, and I traveled to the Peeps store. Yes, there is a PEEPS STORE! It was so incredibly awesome and fun that it deserves it's own post. Plus I have tons of pictures. So more on that later. It was about an hour away but time flew and we were back just before dinner. I showed off all my awesome Peeps gear to everyone when we returned. Most still thought I was crazy but were happy for me that I was so excited. Mr. Grumpypants, however, was grumpy as usual. He shot me dirty looks when I seated my new plush chick next to me at dinner. And I thought he may have a stroke when I suggested naming it after him. Oh, there were some threats.

Dinner turned into one of the strangest affairs that I have ever witnessed. Everything was just fine and dandy until Joey the pot stirrer accused R of hiding an implement and then lying to him about it. I will mention here that this accusation was based on something that had happened back in October. Somehow it turned to talk of making her stand trial and Mr. Grumpypants jumped right in saying he should be the judge. Soon, nearly everyone around the table had a place in things. A jury was chosen, Joey was the arresting officer. Mr. B was the bailiff/executioner, D was the terrible choice for the defendant's attorney, and S was the prosecutor.

Poor R sat there stunned while this kept unfolding into a bigger and bigger thing. Soon she was off consulting with her attorney and S rejoined the room looking all slick in a suit and tie. We moved to the lounge to set up this kangaroo court. I was one of the jury members, off to the side painting my nails with my new Peeps nail polish. We wondered if the defendant would flee but she eventually joined us. The kicker with this whole thing was that the prosecutor has a real Southern accent. It gave the whole thing quite the movie quality feel.

S was ready to go and even had notes with him. The opening statements and how serious he was in his speech was completely hilarious. He questioned Joey, the arresting officer, about the incident. It was explained that the night of the alleged incident (6 fucking months ago), Joey had brought his tawse to R during a party asking if she'd watch it and then walking away. Then he came back and couldn't find the tawse, questioned her as to it's whereabouts, and was told she didn't move it. The tawse was eventually recovered and passed around to the jury as Exhibit A. Funny thing, it went missing again, but was later recovered. D didn't have many questions to ask but made it clear that she was a Cuh-naw-dian. (Wine speak for Canadian.)

Judge Grumpypants also got after D for wearing jeans and a T-shirt in his courtroom and said that would be discussed in his chambers later. A was the first witness who was at all helpful to R's case. There was some witness intimidation going on (surprise!) when Mr. R left the jury box to spank her and then asked if her testimony was still the same. She didn't change her story. Way to go, A! SC was also a character witness to help R. Finally R was called to be questioned. S asked her if she said "red" when Joey asked her to watch the tawse. She said no she didn't, because who shouts red at people asking them a question? They went back and forth about that for a while.

Closing statements were made with S getting very into it and saying that switches never lie so Joey was being honest. I shouted out, "Calm down, A Time To Kill!" The jury agreed with the argument that people don't usually say "red" in response to a question and R was not given time to answer Joey before he walked away. We declared not guilty. Unsurprisingly, Judge Grumpypants threw out our decision and made her guilty anyway. He spoke a bunch of legal-ese about how she was guilty and would be sentenced, which was all already written down. What a coincidence! Mr. B went to pull R off but several of us from the jury saved her from the unfairness of this clearly fixed trial.

The entire thing was quite ridiculous and downright hilarious. Thank you, R, for your permission to share this and create an honest and accurate recording of the incident. R was a very good sport and I hope she has since recovered from the incident. Sunday continued with the party for those of us remaining. Sometimes people are pretty tired out by that point, but I still played with just about everyone who was left. I played with Judge Grumpypants after he had changed. He strapped me and asked if I still thought the trial was funny and that she was innocent. I said yes, I did, and he couldn't keep a straight face about all that had transpired either. Note- He spanks just as hard when he's laughing. 

I played once more with Mr. B and then E. I was sitting at a table with R discussing the insanity of the night. Joey came by and talked with us. He told me that he had something planned for me. He asked if I would be ready for a bedtime spanking from him. I said yes to these mysterious plans. R knew what this was all about but would not give any information up. I asked if I should be worried and she assured me that I was going to enjoy it. Hmm.

There were a few more goodbyes throughout the night and then it was nearly 2 in the morning. Joey walked back up to the rooms with me and SC. She was staying across the hall from me and he said he'd be just a few minutes and to wait for him. I sat on the bed waiting, wondering what he was up to. The next thing I knew there was a knock on the door and I opened it to... Santa! Joey was in full costume and came in chuckling and telling me that Santa takes care of naughty girls all year round. I could not believe it and smiled the entire time.

I've had a Santa spanking fantasy for a reaaaally long time but it's never something that's been acted out. I found out later that he had thought about this months in advance and bought the costume just for me with this in mind. It was so sweet of him and I'm thankful to have such a kind and creative friend. He had me bend over the bed and spanked me with his hand and then with a cane. I certainly felt it but we were both having a lot of fun and laughing throughout the scene. I wish I'd thought to take a picture, but he has one in his retelling of the story here. We ended with a hug and a reminder that Santa can come back at any time if I don't behave. Thank you Joey for a great memory. I thought it deserved poetic justice so here is my little story about the weekend and visit from Santa.

'Twas A Visit From Santa

'Twas the time for SCONY's April Mountain Weekend
All o'er the resort there were spankings amongst friends
The tops prepared with silly reasons in their heads
Bottoms thought up reasons why they shouldn't be dead

The sounds of spanking kept all from taking a nap
"Mr. Grumpypants is at it again," I snapped.
I thought about going to his door with a knock
Rethought the idea because surely I'd be focked!

Then outside the house there arose such a clatter
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter
Away to the window I made it in time
Moved the curtains aside and then I drew the blinds

The sun and the rain had made a sugary mess
I wondered if my idea had been the best
When what to my wondering eyes did appear
But an angry Jayson scowling from ear to ear

He was constantly saying that Peeps were so vile
So I Peep'd out his car and did so with a smile
He muttered seeing it all covered up in Peeps
While I watched from my window muffling my "Heehee!"

And luckily for me he isn't a spanker
So this time I was saved for being the prankster
But the SCONY weekend wasn't over just yet
I still had many a top to provoke in jest

Later in the night I was talking to Joey
He told me that he had something in mind for me
For a spanking before bed I should be prepared
R knew all about it and said not to be scared

I waited quite nervous while sitting on my bed
Wond'ring what was to happen from what he had said
The knock on the door sounded that the time was now
Into my room St. Nicholas came with a bound!

He was dressed all in fur from his head to his foot
All cleaned up from any previous chimney soot
A bundle of toys he had flung on his back
They weren't innocent toys and could give quite a smack

I was so stunned I kept grinning from ear to ear
Was this really Santa Claus, at this time of year?
He heard my thoughts though I hadn't yet made a sound
"Santa takes care of naughty girls all the year round!"

A spanking from Santa, a long held fantasy
Now here the jolly man was, about to spank me
He quickly ordered me to bend over the bed
My pants then came down and I did just as he said

His hand landed several smacks across my bottom
He asked if I would be a good girl from now on
Come on, did you think I would make it that easy?
I was enjoying this more than a bit, you see.

My lack of response seemed to give him his answer
Several strokes of the cane made me quite the dancer
"Oww oww oww!" I shrieked, my voice full of displeasure
A final few strokes he gave me for good measure

I rubbed my sore bottom promising to be good
And I pleaded that he need not break out more wood 
He gave me a hug and then one final hard smack
"Behave young lady or I will surely be back!"
I shortly went to bed with a big smile still on my face. Monday morning came and I had breakfast then had to pack. No spanking for me that day. But I did do one more thing that made me laugh all day, referenced in the above poem. J from the resort is always dissing on my Peeps. With help from a few others, I Peep'd out his car. Omg, it was funny. And color coordinated too- purple, blue, purple, blue. The pic is just the back but there were Peeps on top of the tires in the wheel wells, on the door handles, and lining the front wipers. It was pretty awesome. (It was cleaned up very soon after and no harm was done to the car.) Soon it was time for final goodbyes and a lot of tears. But I flew home still smiling. I miss all of my friends already and October can't come soon enough! Thank you to all who made it a fabulous weekend.


Marne said...

Lea, thank you for not seeing the sink in Room 10! It took a few hours to hide it.

There is a picture of Joey in his Santa suit in his blog. Now I want a Santa spanking, too!

I love your poem, even though I can't love your edible Peeps. The plush ones are wonderful and I think you should name one after Mr. G!

Wasn't the trial funny? I was a juror, too. For some reason, there was no surprise that our Not Guilty verdict would be overturned. Too many Tops running the show!

Thank you for reminding me of great memories.

Anonymous said...


Our conversation snowballed into a major event. I congratulate R for being such a good sport although I think I got the worst of it since everyone was on her side.

The prosecuting attorney had already written the verdict before the court was in session. GP was so funny as he read the verdict.

It was so hilarious to watch.

The look on your face when you opened the door was priceless. I really hope to get a lot of use out of my Santa costume.

Miss you.


kiwigirliegirl said...

sounds like a good fun time was had by all :) thanks for sharing this lea. the court scene sounded hilarious.
Hugs kiwi xx

Angel said...

Dang, I hate it that I missed the trial. I love serving on a jury. I want to be the foreman (woman) next time - and do it before I have to leave Sunday morning.

Lea said...

@Marne, I get a feeling that he'll have many more uses for the Santa suit. Psst, I don't care what he said now that I'm thousands of miles away. The chick IS named after him!

@Joey, Everyone was rightfully on her side. ;-)Thank you for all you did to make that scene happen.

@kiwi, It was one of those things that just came out of nowhere but turned out so funny.

@Angel, I don't know if R wants trials to become a tradition!

Kaelah said...

I only have a very limited time online at the moment, so my comment is quite late. I am happy to hear that you had such a wonderful weekend, Lea! Thanks for sharing your adventures and of course the picture showing the evidence of your play. The Peeps car looks great, too! :-)

Kenzie said...

This waa my favorite part of the weekend account! Joey is sooo sweet for dressing as santa, and that whole trial thing sounds absolutely a goos way of course!

Regan Marie said...

Excellent poem, Lea! What a lovely, thoughtful response to Joey's surprise.

I love that so much about our people, that we are all very much full of surprises. And oh, yes, that trial was a hoot! I was pretty much spinning throughout the whole thing, because it was just...insane. I loved the spontaneity of it, the way everybody jumped in. Who knew spankos were such skilled improvisors! The attention to detail was truly outstanding. When I saw Mr. G come out in a judge's robe, I nearly fell over from the shock of it.

The trial was such a good experience in light of "safe words", too. Before the trial, a member of the resort staff pulled me aside to check to see if I was okay. I told him that I had faith that if I said "red", the whole thing would stop, so there was nothing wrong with letting things unfold as they were. During the trial, you might recall that Mr. R paused proceedings and asked me if I had said "red", when I did not. This was an excellent way for him to check to make sure all was well. So, as crazy as things got, I felt perfectly safe...and, weirdly...loved. Thanks for chronicling this weird and wild adventure!


p.s. I realized when I got home that I never got taken to the woodshed, either. What's with that??

Anonymous said...

WOW, what a great time!!! Thanks so much for sharing! I like the car decked out in peeps!


Lea said...

@Kaelah, Thanks for stopping by! It was definitely a great time.

@Kenzie, It was my favorite day of the weekend too. Joey is great!

@Regan, Crazy, weird, full of surprises. I love the improvisation. One of my favorite TV shows was "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" Can you imagine a group of our friends doing that? Lol!

I think maybe you were kept too busy elsewhere to make it to the woodshed. Mention it a few times and you'll be sure to be dragged... err.. taken there in Oct.

@Jean, It was so fun to do and totally worth whatever he thinks up to get back at me. Lol.