Sunday, January 20, 2013

It's The Little Things

I am not hard to please. Little things can make me very happy. This past week I got something in the mail from my friend J in Wisconsin. It was this awesome Peeps calendar!

That made me happy and just may inspire me to enter that annual diorama contest whose winners are featured on each month of the calendar.

A coworker taped up this picture of Justin Timberlake with a crossed out Jessica Biel (hey it's better than scratching her face out) to give me some inspiration to get through the work day. It helped.

I got my first real corset this week. When I took it out of the package and tried to pull it around me it was nowhere near fitting and I was about to send it back. A friend told me that's normal and the laces can be pulled out a lot to fit it. 

He helped me get it on and indeed it did fit. These pictures were the end result. Now I just need to figure out which party I want to wear it to when not much bending and sitting will be required. Lol.

In spanking, the little things matter too. 

Hearing "good girl."

 "The Look" that only he and I notice.

A few whispered words in my ear of what's to come.

His hand lingering on my wrist.

A warning smack on my bottom.

A big hug that makes me feel better.

It's the little things.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful corset!

You are so right about little things.


SNP said...

I've never had a corset (and I would like to get one)---yours is beautiful! Little things do matter as you say (and Joey as well.) Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

TL Bucko said...

Sometimes the little things are the best part. It seems to me that the little things are what we long for and miss when things are hectic. Good luck making it into the Peeps calendar.

Susie said...

Your corset is beautiful Lea and yeah, you need a friend to help put those on.

Lea said...

@joey, Thank you!

@SNP, I have a pretty good attention to detail so little things don't slip by me.

@TL Bucko, Absolutely, those brief moments are things I do miss when they're gone.

@Susie, Thanks! I've heard it's possible to get it on by yourself but have yet to see that done.

ronnie said...

Beautiful corset, love the colour.

I had a corset with hook and eyes to fasten, a real pain.


Erica said...

I got my first corset ever just last year! Not the most comfortable garment there is, but sooo sexy.

Absolutely right, it's life's little things. The small word or gesture that can turn your day around. The unexpected random kindness. In my case today, it would be finding out I don't need a root canal after all. (Fat chance!! ugh)

Kaelah said...

That's a beautiful corset, Lea! I love corsets, too. And it's indeed the little things that can make a huge difference. :-)

Zoe said...

Love the corset. I don't have one but it would be fun to try one. Maybe someday. Love the little things list too. Those little things make me swoon.

Lea said...

@ronnie, Thanks! The front isn't real easy to fasten, much less the back lacing.

@Erica, They sure do look nice on! Hope things went well at the dentist.

@Kaelah, Thanks! We wouldn't go through the hassle if it didn't look good, right?

@Zoe, Some are real pricey but this one I found on clearance so went for it! Thanks for reading!

Brooke said...

The corset looks awesome! And very cute post about the little things .. those things totally do matter the most!

Lea said...

@Brooke, Thanks! I bet you could do a really good post about 5 little things that get you into the right headspace, or something to that effect.