Monday, January 28, 2013


My mask and dress
This weekend I attended a masquerade themed play party. I am not a girly girl and complain a lot when I have to dress up. Yes, even more than normal. Smart asses. I decided on wearing a red and black lace dress I have but it's a short dress. That left the question of what to do about stockings. Anyone who isn't 5'7'' and 120 lbs can probably share my frustrations about thigh highs. They are so annoying and don't stay in place. Ever. Add to that being much taller than the average female and it gets challenging. I ended up going the garter belt route and even managed to get everything attached by myself this time.

Once the clothing was arranged I headed to the party. The house hosting it went all out with decorating and everything looked wonderful. There were even party favors at the door of mints in a mask shaped tin and little chocolate masks on a stick. Christmas type white lights ran along the walls in the social room and the kitchen area was transformed and curtained off. A mysterious table was on the side of the room for use as a human sundae bar. Use your imagination.

The guests looked fabulous. Many people went all out with the costuming and unique mask choices. Mine was white and the only one I found at the party store that didn't have glitter on it. I fucking hate glitter. It won't come off your face, out of your hair, off your clothes. Funny thing is some ended up on me anyway, but that's a different story. Sitting in a ladylike manner in a very short dress is challenging to say the least. I sequestered a spot on the end of the couch so I didn't have to sit too low to the ground. And S was nice about grabbing things for me so I didn't have to get up repeatedly.

I mostly socialized and by socialized I mean I stayed in the same spot and talked to the few people who remember my name. Lol. When there was a bit less of a crowd in the back, S led me to a room to play. My dress came up and I bent over a table in the room. He spanked me with his hand to start with and then opened up the toy bag. He used one of his rattan canes, then the tawse. By the time he got to the ridiculously large (and loud) round wooden paddle, I was nearly hopping and my bottom was really stinging. That thing is seriously loud though and he even complained later that he thought his ears were ringing a bit. Oh, your ears are ringing? How about worrying how my ass is feeling? Talk about first world top problems. :-P

Masquerade mints
I think the noise also attracted a few people to poke their heads in the door to see what was going on. That always makes me nervous but I tried to ignore it and focus on the spanking. I was well warmed at that point and even acquired a few bruises. We wrapped it up and that was my scene for the night. I left the party feeling much less confused about what was going on than I did leaving the theater after seeing Eyes Wide Shut so that was good. Nice people. Nice spanking. Nice night.


Anonymous said...


I am glad that you had a fun night. I believe you wore that dress and black thigh highs at SL. You looked terrific.

Miss you.


SNP said...

Glad you had a nice time, Lea. Thanks for sharing your pics with all of us:)

ronnie said...

Sounds like you had a lovely night. Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing.

Cute shaped mint tins.


Brooke said...

Sounds like a fun time! Thanks for sharing, and great pictures :)

Lea said...

@joey, I did wear that dress at SL. Thank you.

@SNP, It was a fun night!

@ronnie, I loved the party favors. Very creative.

@Brooke, It was a lot of fun! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great party with lots of fun! Thanks for sharing! What the world needs is a mask with peeps on it


Lea said...

@Jean, Haha, now that would've been an interesting craft project. I once tried to attach Peeps to a paper crown. Stapling and glue failed.

Kaelah said...

That sounds like a really nice party, Lea. Your mask and dress look great! I'm sure they fit very well to your stockings and garter belt. :-)

Lea said...

@Kaelah, Thanks! It was a very nice party. I'm a laid back jeans and t-shirt kind of girl myself, but can clean up nice once in a while.

sixofthebest said...

Lea, I enjoyed seeing your photo's, from the masquerade party that you went to. You look great in that lingerie outfit, which consists of your garter-belt, stockings, and panties. I sure would have love to see your panties taken, when you were spanked.

Lea said...

@sixofthebest, Thanks! I wasn't able to get any pics right after the spanking that time.