Saturday, February 15, 2014

It's Like Totally 80's!

A few weekends ago, NLA-U hosted an 80's themed play party. Being a board member I was involved in the party planning. One of the most fun parts was coming up with ideas for punny 80's references. S was very good at this as well. It would have had to be a 200 person buffet line to fit them all in and I was certainly not going to cook, but I thought these deserved an honorable mention.

Fleetwood Mac'n'cheese
Mozzarella Styx
CHiPs and salsa
Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Likes Baby Back Ribs
Bon Jovi hoagies
Hall and Oatmeal cookies
Sweet Dreams are Made of Swiss (cheese and cracker platter)
Tootsie (pops)
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Legumes
Truffle shuffle truffles
Purple Rain-bow pops

Drinks: Growing Pains-a colada
Like a Virgin daiquiri
Girls Just Want To Have Rum
Welcome To The Jungle Juice
Beverly Hills Pop

Veggie options: Saved By The Bell peppers
Carrot Styx
Total Eclipse of the Artichoke Heart
New Kids on the Broc-coli
Cauliflowers in the Attic

Thought up for SY, who loves Rush:
Tom Slawyer (cole slaw)
Fly By Night brownie bites
Neil Peart dessert

You can see how thinking these up can be fun. Come up with your own 80's food item and share in the comments!

These made the cut and were served at the party:

Lil Smokies and the Bandit II
As You Wish sandwiches
Space (meat) balls
Adam Ants on a log
Totally Tubular pasta salad
Pretty in Pink cookies
Brown rice and cocaine (no cocaine was served)
TaB and throwback sodas
In Your Deviled Eyes (deviled eggs)
99 red velvet cake balls
She's My Cherry Pie
Tango and Cash-ews

I'm getting hungry just writing this. Lol. Awesome food names aside, there were plenty of 80's outfits around from Madonna-esque stacks of bangles and leather jackets to neon colored tops and leggings. And big hair of course. I don't own any 80's clothes and had this same problem when SCONY had the same theme a while back. I did save my snap bracelet from that party to wear again and clipped some pink extensions into my hair. For anyone who still doesn't know who I am, I was checking your ID's at the door for the first two hours of the night. *waves* Fortunately there was some time left for spankings.

You didn't think this post was going to be all about food, did you? :-D T and I went downstairs to play. He had recently acquired a new implement that looked like a long thinner leather strap on a wooden handle. Apparently it is called a rebenque. I love belts and straps so was happy to try it out. It was fairly whippy, had some sting to it which I like. He also spanked me with a wooden spoon-like thing (which I consider more of a paddle), a cane, and his hand. I was very squirmy throughout the spanking and left with a well warmed bottom. It was remarked that you could probably fry an egg on it. We didn't try though so I can't comment on the practicality of that.

I was DM for an hour and then at the very end of the night found a space to play with S. I laid down on a massage table thinking he would be somewhat nice to my already sore bottom, but he wasn't. >:(  It's like he thinks I enjoyed being pushed or something. He started spanking me with his hand to warm me up and had his case of toys nearby. He cycled through some straps, canes, a leather paddle, and I'm not certain what else. He owns a lot of things. Your collection grows when you start seeing a spanko. I somehow managed to not wriggle off the table and fall to the floor. He kept one arm across my back to keep me in place. Details blurred a bit but I was well attended to and left happy. I'd say it was a successful party!


Marne said...

The party and the theme sounded like fun, but I honestly can't believe that you didn't work your beloved Peeps in there somewhere!

Miss you! Two and one-half more months...


Naam Ka Murabba Banana Hai? said...
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Anonymous said...


Good food and lots of spanking. Perfect.


Kenzie said...

Sounds like so much fun! Great pic too, love the panties. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the 80's food. That's hilarious.

I'm glad you had a good time, but S is just too mean to you!


Lea said...

@Marne, Actually, the person who brought the Pretty in Pink desserts brought a package of pink Peeps just for me. :-)

@joey, It was a lot of fun!

@Kenzie, Thanks!

@Regan, Isn't he? I'll make sure he sees these comments. ;-)