Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My 29th Birthday: A Group Spanking

I turned 29 on Sunday. I have one year of life left before becoming irrelevant. Next year's birthday is going to suck. But this one was great! I had a very busy week and weekend. I got some quality time with some of my favorite people throughout the week and lots of spankings. What more can a girl (and a spanko girl at that) ask for? Okay, a million dollars would've been nice. But spankings are a great runner up!

I was happy to have a new and special belt broken in on me. Maybe that can be repeated sometime without waiting for my next birthday. Hint to the belt's owner should he be reading this. :-) That was fun. I love belts if I haven't mentioned that recently. On Friday I went out with S to one of my favorite restaurants. He was nice enough to bare through it despite the huge weekend crowd and noise level of the place making it so we had to yell at each other across the table. But the food was good as always. And I'm loving this new beer by Schofferhofer. It's a grapefruit hefeweizen. I know, I know. That sounds absolutely disgusting, right? Grapefruit flavored beer? Really? But it's so good. Give it a try. Very refreshing for the summer.

On Saturday I went out to lunch to another favorite place with my parents. Traveling 80 miles for a lunch destination would seem crazy if not for the special occasion. After my food coma, I still had plenty of time to get ready for the second annual Sexy Olympics party that evening for members of NLA-U. Making this party even greater was that my birthday would hit at midnight so birthday spankings were certainly in the plans. S and I slipped away for some private time to play earlier in the night. He recently got some new toys from CANE-IAC including this flogger and a sjambok jr. He may have had me in mind when ordering because they fucking STING!

The flogger can be used nicely and he warmed me up with it a bit, rotating between that and his hand. But when he really gets going with using it then it got quite stingy. Why are you complaining about sting, Lea? Didn't you say you like sting? "Like" is relative. I do prefer sting to thud. The sjambok on the other hand does not have a nice mode. I don't think it took much effort or force on his part to have me squirming off the spanking bench. It packs in the sting and CANE-IAC's product description is quite accurate. He didn't go too hard on me though knowing I still had my after midnight spanking coming. My bottom was a nice shade of pink and I got some cuddling time after.

We went outside after to observe some of the Olympic games taking place. There was a relay race, some very slippery lube wrestling matches, and a naked Twister game. Several people were awarded medals as winners of the Sexy Olympic Games. Bruce Jenner was not present. I snacked on some Greek food and caught up with friends before DM'ing for an hour. And there was delicious chocolate Costco cake. More on that later. I have never actually been at a kinky party ON my birthday before so this was a new experience. I had also never had this many people involved in a spanking though I've been co-topped on a few occasions. A while after midnight some helpful volunteers were rounded up as I bent over the ottoman in the living room. I considered being 129 but seeing all the implements they brought with them, I opted to stick with the 29. 

I honestly lost track of how many people were behind me aided with an implement and a smile. There were at least 10 because I decided on two swats from each person. S started it off with two. Then the next person gave two with a quirt. Then there were two with a paddle. Then two with what looked like a boat oar. Two with a pair of round wooden sticks. Two with a pair of acrylic ruler looking things. A few pairs of hands. Some people were nicer than others. :-P I kept the count out loud throughout. It got up to 26 and we'd run through the line of people. S provided the final three. There was no singing of happy birthday but how coordinated can you expect a top to be? Singing and hitting at the same time? Come on. So that was the end of my first group birthday spanking. Sort of. On the way out, I realized D had been occupied elsewhere during the festivities and had mentioned earlier about bringing a full size cricket bat just for me. People are just so thoughtful in this community. Ha! She provided one final swat with the cricket bat which I believe counts for the one to grow on. I was much redder than these pictures depict.

That was the end of the party for me. But Sunday brought brunch and a birthday spanking just from S. Later that evening I had a family party which involved a nearly identical Costco cake to the one NLA had. It is now taking up half of my fridge and I Googled earlier how to properly freeze cake. There is no way it'll be gone in the next few days before I go out of town. At work today, guess what someone brought in? Another Costco cake. Lol. I have cake coming out of my ears. I left that one at the office and I'm sure there will be no complaints from the night staff. I received many happy birthday wishes from friends and family between Facebook, texts, a few phone calls, and even a real card from my Jersey mom K. <3 Thank you to everyone who remembered and helped make my birthday special. And if you didn't, you are now dead to me. Kidding! Or am I? :-P


Erica said...

Happy happy belated birthday! How did I miss this on FL? See you soon?

Anonymous said...

What a great birthday!!! :-)

ronnie said...

Happy belated birthday. Sounds like you had fun.


Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday. Wow. You really celebrated with lots of spankings. Nice.

Next year, just announce you are 29 once again. Simple solution. But, expect to be spanked for fibbing.

See, you win both ways. You stay 29 and earn a spanking.


Lea said...

@Erica, Thanks! Yes, I'll see you VERY soon!

@Jane, It was a lot of fun!

@Ronnie, Thank you! I sure did.

@Joey, Haha. Forever 29? I hear the 30's can be fun. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, again!

You've grown up so fast!

I'm loving the summer shandy these days. That's lager & lemonade. I don't think I'd like the grapefruit.

You'll find that cake freezes beautifully.


Lea said...

@regan, I can confirm that the cake has kept up well in the freezer. I've been pulling out a piece every few days. Lager and lemonade? That sounds good.