Sunday, October 26, 2014

Shadow Lane 2014- Part 2

Here is the long awaited other half of my Shadow Lane experience. I've been far too behind on blogging and even had some spankings focused on that since, but I'll get to that later. In the previous post I was only on day 1 so this will recap the rest.
The picture on the left was in the bathroom of our hotel room at Shadow Lane. S thought the crane looked very sinister and was worth photographing.

Saturday started off with the Bad Boy's Party that was being hosted by Harry. My friends who had arrived so late on Friday night hadn't gotten a chance to talk to our friend Harry yet so we all headed up to say hi. It drew a good crowd and everyone seemed to be having fun. Not being a female top, I think my presence there was misleading so I ended up waiting in the hall with my friend M. We moved on to brunch and getting ready for the day. In the afternoon, the first open party was the TTYL party- Tights, Thongs, Yoga Pants, and Leggings. It was a full house with lots of play happening.

I met up with Harry and went back to my room to play. He didn't have his whole bag with him so I picked through some of what S brought and he selected some things to use. We've played several times before and it's always been fun. I laid on the bed and he strapped me with S's find from the vendor fair. We chatted throughout catching up on what's been going on and already excited for the October SCONY weekend. There are never enough spanking parties for a spanko. :-) He used a few other straps and two different floggers. I got very relaxed into it and was well warmed up for the day. We ended with a hug and I went back to the party to find S.

S and I went back to our room to get some time to ourselves. He got a full demo on how his new implements worked. Review- They hurt! Lol. I'm a terrible reviewer. The round leather paddle had two distinctly different feelings depending on which side he used. The one side had a bit of a thud and was nice for sensation without much pain. The other side was VERY different and stung a lot. That one got me squirming and I continued being very squirmy with the long leather strap. It's not a flexible leather so the feel is almost closer to wood than leather. It's heavier and more in the middle of the sting and thud scale. The two wood items from Compass Rose are beautiful and wood and they hurt. Very stingy. :-) That is my review for the new items. I was quite sore after that but had a little break before heading to my next planned scene with DS.

DS and I have never played before and met in person for the first time at the newbies party the day before. We'd been chatting extensively on Fetlife prior to the party about having a scene, preferences, wants, and all that good stuff and I felt comfortable going into it. He started with a hand spanking and then moved to a flogging. I stood so he could flog my back and bottom, then turned around for my breasts to be flogged and strapped. I rarely have impact there and it was an interesting sensation. That's a delicate area and I had a few bruises later since I don't have leatherboob like I sometimes have leatherbutt. Lol. Don't have pics of that though, sorry. ;-)

After that I laid across his lap on the bed and he pulled my panties down to continue the spanking. He had about a million and five implements. :-) I can't recall everything he used at this point. We talked throughout and he would show me what he had. He kept me guessing by rarely getting into a typical left, right, left, right pattern. The speed and intensity really varied as parts would speed up and really have me squirming, then slow, then switch to a different toy. My bottom was on fire by the end of it. It was a fairly heavy scene intensity-wise. I really enjoyed it. We sat and talked for quite a while after. I got my hug and went back to the room. S took the above picture. It doesn't nearly do the color justice.

It was time to get dressed up for the evening's dinner/dance. We met up with A, M, SNJ, and SY to go get a table in the ballroom. Saturday night is a buffet style dinner with a dance floor opened up after. (For the adventurous.) The meal was good, the dessert was even better. A few of us went to a corner of the room to take pics of each other since we were all dressed up. Ahem, I still don't have copies of any of those. Should've used my own phone. I got entranced watching DL doing a double strapping scene to the side of the room during dinner. Very cool.

Eventually we went back to the room to change. We did a tour of the open suite parties throughout the night going from one to the next. I didn't play more that night. Around 2 in the morning I was getting hungry so S and I ventured around the casino to find the world's slowest service at a 24 hour sandwich shop. There were all of 3 people in there and it took over a half hour to get a pastrami sandwich. I mean WTF? And it ended up being a bad decision and I was feeling a bit ill the entire next day. Note for next time- pack some snacks to have in the room for late night munchies.

Sunday started off with Spanking Court with Judge Strict Dave. This is where I finally saw some people emerge who I hadn't located all weekend. If you ever come to one of these events, do NOT miss this! It's so much fun. Probably even funnier if you know the people involved in the cases, but entertaining nonetheless. There were some hilarious cases. Spankos are very, very creative people. I'll just leave it at that. And I kind of wished I had entered a case and totally thrown it just to get a guilty verdict and strapped by the judge. Lol. Afterwards we got some lunch and headed to one of the open suites while many others were in DL's suite for the Judicial Singapore Caning event. I hadn't signed up for it because I didn't know if the serious tone would be in my headspace at the time. But I heard such great things from attendees later that I think I may go if it returns to the party again.

The couch became free in the suite so S and I grabbed the spot to play. He started off the spanking with his hand and then switched to a strap. From the marks in the picture there was definitely a cane involved, possibly two. Even though I've had to do it locally for years, I still don't like playing out in the open with so many people around. But I think I had tuned out the surroundings fairly well. I was able to relax into it and just focus on the sensations and on S. A friend actually commented to me later how surprised she was to see me playing in there because she knows I prefer a private setting. The scene went well though. S is an expert at reading me by now. Well, as far as during a spanking at least. ;-) We left to go get dinner at the restaurant downstairs while a few of our other friends actually went to attend a wedding. I had to get through one goodbye that night since A was leaving for the airport. I was glad to get to see her again and have some time to talk.

Sunday night was similar to Saturday night. We wandered around to different suites to see what was going on. I didn't play again the rest of the night. Alex came over and chatted with me, S, and our friends in one of the suites. She's so sweet and adorable. It was nice to catch up with her a bit. Overall for the party I was terrible at talking to other people besides the little group I already knew. That led to not playing as much as I would've liked. Though admittedly, even when I've played 10 times in a night at other events I still always feel like I didn't do everything and talk with everyone that I wanted to. Such is life. So much to do, so little time. Monday left just enough time to get some brunch, say goodbyes, pack, and leave. I managed to not cry when saying goodbye to my friends but it didn't last long. As soon as we were driving away and hitting the freeway, I was in tears. S actually pulled over to find Kleenexes in the trunk. Very sweet.

Being Labor Day we actually didn't have very bad traffic. Made it home in about 6 hours, the same as on the way there. I kind of wish I would've had a buffer day from work to rest and stop crying every 10 minutes, but I had to be back the next morning. That whole week was rough. I don't think I've ever had such a bad drop after a party. I think it was largely due to S being there with me. I've never had a few days away with him before. It was a wonderful fantasy world for 4 days where I got to have a boyfriend all to myself, away from work and stress, and spankos were everywhere. So many people who just get it. Who wouldn't love that? Perhaps I can relive the magical time in 2015.

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This sounds like a wonderful weekend! You got plenty of play and got to spend time with awesome friends! Not bad for an introvert, not bad at all!