Thursday, July 25, 2013

Feeling The Quirt

A quirt
On Saturday night, S and I attended a local play party. I think the theme was "Try not to melt!" Okay, maybe not officially. I hate summer. It has been so fucking hot this past month and sadly, August often has even higher temps than July does. Ugh. Not looking forward to that. We made the best of it though and tried to distract ourselves. I also may have hogged the hallway for quite a bit of the night standing directly under the swamp cooler.

I don't think I have bought an item of clothing in at least a year because I really hate shopping. Early Saturday I went in search of some new things though. I have a 10 second rule with clothes shopping which can make finding something more difficult. "Can this item be pushed aside/removed in under 10 seconds should a spanking opportunity present itself?" That is what I ask myself. I found a few things that made the cut, including 2 dresses.

I very rarely wear a dress or a skirt because being a tall woman really blows when it comes to clothes. Things that are meant to be near floor length on a woman of average height end up a weird mid calf length on me. Knee length for a woman of average height is a mini dress on me. I was happy to find something in between and ended up wearing a red print above the knee dress that was a light material good for the fucking heat. I was constantly looking over my shoulder throughout the night to see who people kept complimenting so it seemed to be a good choice.

The next morning
Enough about clothes, you are here to read about spankings. T is someone I've talked to before about playing but the opportunity had never come up where we happened to have time and be at the same party. He was there, and I was there, and my dress was moved out of the way in under 10 seconds. That rule is paying off already! A while back on Fetlife, he had posted a picture of a quirt he had. A quirt is something I've never seen in person before or come across in a spanker's implement collection. It is a forked type of stock whip which typically has two leather falls at the end, like the tails of a tawse. Stupid me was like, "What's that? It looks interesting. I've never been spanked with one of those. I'd like to try it." He happened to have it with him at the party so try it we did.

We found a space and I bent over a massage table, my dress easily raised. T had a crop, the quirt, and a delrin cane looking thing which I eyed suspiciously. I typically do not like acrylic toys but said I would try it. A few strokes later it was vetoed by me for being much too thuddy. I cannot handle a lot of thud and didn't want the scene to have to end that quickly. He switched to the crop which was as stingy as most crops tend to be. I was struggling staying in place already. He mixed in a few swats from his hand which jolted me forward. I discovered he's one of those people whose hand is just as bad as an implement. Ha.

24 hours later
After that we got around to the quirt. It had caught my interest in his photo because it looked like something that would be stingy. It was, but still had some weight to it on impact. The first few strokes with it weren't too bad but when it'd hit in the same spot a second or third time it was much harder to handle. It caused a deeper pain and I could feel a few spots where I was definitely going to welt up. I kept jumping up from the table. He switched back to the crop for a bit with a few swats mixed in from his bionic hand. I was feeling pretty well toasted so we ended things there with a hesitant hug due to all the sweatiness. Ha.

You can see the marks that developed in the pictures above. My final review on the quirt is that it fucking hurts! I don't know if I'd want to be spanked with it again or not. I'm sure some of you are looking at the first picture in this post and saying, "Duh Lea, you didn't figure that out to begin with?" Well shut up! Now I know for sure! I had been wanting to play with S that night also and got a hand spanking from him afterwards. He didn't break out all the toys since I was already marked. I know I complain that he's always so mean but sometimes he does shit like that to throw me off. ;-) All in all, 2 spankings and being told I looked pretty added up to a nice night!


Ami Starsong said...

I think you are extremely brave!

I thought I bruised - but you have shown me REAL bruises! Golly, I shall never grumble again! Think I'll stick to my old friends the bath brush and the leather paddle!



Anonymous said...


I have seen one, but it has never been used on me. It looks like a small single tail.

Miss you pretty girl,


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad it was a good experience for you both. There's always that nervousness the first time with a new playmate!

I do like the quirt combined w being f'ed from behind. The extra endorphins and all the good feelings make it much more manageable. Just in case you decide you want THAT kind of play....


Erica said...

Ouch! Do your bruises hurt as much as they look like they do? I think I've probably experienced the quirt at some time or another, but not for a long time.

You got Chrossed, girlfriend. :-)

Palomino said...

I am a fan of your 10 second rule! I like wasting no time getting to the spanking. I don't think I'm a fan of the quirt. I will/would use it if the lady involved requested it.....after all, it's important she is satisfied too. I like using my hand, paddle, maybe a crop. I'm glad you finally met your guy ;)

Lea said...

@Ami Starsong, I have always bruised fairly easily. My butt has toughened up a *tiny bit* over the years, but if someone's goal was to mark me it wouldn't be too difficult. Wood will definitely do it.

@Joey, You'd find one in a tack shop along the lines of crops and dressage whips. It was interesting. I miss you too!

@Jenefr, It was a good experience. :-) I can see how a different scenario could change the feeling of it, since there'd be a different focus.

@Erica, Yay! Thanks, I hadn't seen that yet! Some of my bruises look worse than they feel, but this one was deeper and was sore to the touch for a few days.

@Palomino, I think it's a useful rule. ;-) I'll try most things once so now I know what it's like. Thanks for reading.