Monday, November 25, 2013

Hey hey, it's someone's birthday!

In New York there lives a man named Joey
He is a beloved member of SCONY
A spanko through and through
He knows what to do
When it's time to take a gal o'er his knee

Dear Joey is a wonderful blogger
Loyal reader and frequent commenter
Known throughout blogland
He has many a fan
He is friendly and an avid runner!

Okay, maybe I'm reaching for some rhymes
But letting this day pass would be a crime
A birthday must be
Celebrated, times three!
 When one's a spanko it's a treasured time

In closing I wish this for you, my friend
A birthday ending with a red lit end
Your candles I don't mean
It's time for some spanking
Many volunteers have a hand to lend!
 Happy Birthday, Joey!


Kenzie said...

Lol Lea, this was great.

Happy birthday Joeyyyyyy!!!!! :)

Erica said...

Great tribute to a great guy! Happy birthday, Joey. :-)

Anonymous said...


Thank you very much. My face is a bright red right now, I wish it was my bottom. LOL.

You are a terrific friend and someone who has supported me and my blog from the very beginning.

I miss you.


Ami Starsong said...

Wonderful poem Lea!

Hey Joey, Many Happy Returns! Did you get a birthday spanking?!


ronnie said...

Lovely Lea. Thanks for letting us know.

Joey, Happy Birthday to you.


chickadee said...

LOL I should have read everyone else's posts before I made mine! Yours is so much better... Happy birthday joey!

sarah thorne said...

Happy Birthday to Joey!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your birthday wishes. I had a terrific day yesterday.

Thank you Lea, you are a wonderful friend.

Big Hugs,

SirQsmlb said...

I'm thrilled to have found your blog! What a wonderful post!!!