Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Bit Of Top Appreciation

In the spanko world there are definitely a few "Creepy McCreepys" (term borrowed from a Fetflife discussion) out there. Negative encounters tend to stick in people's minds. But what of all the good folks out there? It's not always discussed as often. This is a little tribute for all the good people out there in the spanko world. It's assumed bottoms are all wonderful people, hehe, but what about the tops? They get a bad rap sometimes.

They've been stereotyped as being uptight, bossy, lacking a sense of humor, and griping at you if you do this. ---> 

 <---- Or this.     

                                                                                                   Or this.  (I sooo need this shirt) ----> 

C'mon, you know I had to get a few jokes in there. ;-) But seriously, being a top is difficult job. They put a lot of time and effort into understanding a bottom's headspace when sometimes we don't completely understand it ourselves. They work at making us feel comfortable and discussing with us what we want to get out of our spanking experience. They make us feel safe and at ease. A bottom places a lot of trust in a top and building that trust isn't always easy.

  A toast to all the great tops out there, ladies and gentleman!

What are some traits of a good top?

Courage, too.
To these good tops stay true. :-)

To all the good men and women out there, thank you for tolerating me and for all that you do. You truly are appreciated. I tip my hat to you.

And last but certainly not least, to my husband, I love you. Thank you for all that you do and for being open to taking this journey with me.

P.S. To those of you who think I'm majorly sucking up here, it won't help but it can't hurt either, right?


kittengrl said...

Gee, Lea... I think you forgot to give credit to that last sentence. Unless I forget, that would be a Ryder-sponse!!!

Anonymous said...

Aahhh, sooo sweet ... go ahead, suck up all you want, no complaints from you fan club, especially when such effort & talent are so evident :-) Well stated & much appreciated.

Lea said...

Kitten, you are correct. Collect 5 dollars and pass go.

Anonymous said...

Ya know I agree with what you said lea, but I think being aswitch is more difficult. Just sayin'.