Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Implements

Results of my blog poll: What Do You Like Best To Spank/Be Spanked With?

the good old hand- 29 votes
belt- 11 votes
strap- 2 votes
paddle- 15 votes
cane- 14 votes
The FES- 5 votes


In many similar discussions I've been part of, the hand generally gets the most votes. There's just something about the human touch, the intimacy of skin to skin contact. The hand got my vote as well. Hands are all around us adding an extra thrill to those of us that are spanko minded. It's always available and you never know when it might be used...  The hand also has great versatility, it can be soft and gentle or fast and furious. I read a comment where someone stated something to the effect of  "spanking by hand is the cake, other implements are the icing". For the record, I'm just fine with plain cake. It's still cake, after all. Too much icing gives me a stomachache. ;-)

Nice logo on the belt, right? Thank you Google images. Hehe. What can one say about the belt? I've heard it described as the symbol of masculine authority. I like that. I definitely have a whole headspace just for the belt. It's not something I can casually play with, the belt screams discipline. It means business. And like the hand, it's discretely present, leaving you wondering when it's going to be coming off next. Then there's the whole ritual of removing the belt. Hearing it swish through the belt loops, being doubled over, the sound of it in the air, knowing it's coming, waiting for the impact. shivers

The strap has some of the qualities of the belt. The thwapping sound of leather as it comes down across your bottom and oh, what a sting it leaves behind. To some, it brings to mind school scenarios and corporal punishment.

As a subcategory here, I will mention The F.E.S. No image available as noone in their right mind would get close enough to it to take a picture. What is the F.E.S., you ask? If you don't know, count yourself lucky. It stands for Flesh Eating Strap and belongs to a fellow Scony member. It's a strap type implement made of blood, sweat, tears, and leather. Or so I hear. Where can you get one? Nowhere, you sadist. It is one of a kind and was hand made by the devil himself.

The paddle had the second highest number of votes. What kind of nuts are voting on this blog? Paddles can come in leather but it generally makes me think of wood. As you may have seen in a blog entry I made earlier this month, I've recently become better acquainted with wooden paddles. Depending on the type of wood, they can pack some sting but most tend to be more thuddy. Quite an effect even with little impact used. Wood is often to blame for leaving marks if you aren't careful.

And last but not least, the cane. Loved by few, feared by many. Not for beginners, the cane requires an experienced hand. This is the implement I've had the least experience with myself, but I still find it scary. Lol. It just seems really severe to me. It would definitely put me in a discipline headspace and not be for casual play. But for those who love the cane, a proper caning is considered almost an art form.

This concludes my talk on implements for today. What's your favorite icing? :-)


Rayne said...

Lea -- lovely post :) I voted for belt, although if I could vote twice it would have been both hand and belt. :D Everything you mentioned here about both is spot-on for me... :D *shivers, too* lol

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments on the various implemnts. We had a really good chat last night about the cane. I picked the belt because of some memorable encounters I have had on the receiving end. However, you chose wisely, the hand would be the best for many reasons. My wife lightly spanked me on the bare two nights ago; not much of an impact to my bottom, but we were gasping for air a while later for other reasons.
PS we also commented what a wonderful blog you have.

Ursus Lewis said...

After manipulating the vote for the FES my category "Carpet Beater" is missing too... tsk, tsk, tsk. Since I could not vote for it, I voted for the belt as well. I don't play often with it and just started using it a few month ago, but I love it. Not only giving, but also receiving.

Anonymous said...

I pretty much like all icing. The FES is my favorite icing though so far. The cane well....I think I will have to hold off on judging that implement for now. Ask me again in about a month or so.