Sunday, August 28, 2011

Having My Cake And Eating It Too

Sadly, my cake didn't have Peeps on it.
We've all heard the expression, "you can't have your cake and eat it too." Uh, why not? And why would you have cake if you weren't going to eat it? Such a silly saying. This week I celebrated my birthday. I've pretty much passed the point of my age having any significance. Last year I reached the age of being able to get a better rate on a rental car. (Your car insurance rates going down at 25 is a total myth, by the way.) 26 hasn't been too exciting so far, but nonetheless I had quite a day. Many thanks to all those who sent birthday well wishes my way.

Unfortunately I couldn't get work off due to current staffing issues, but I milked being there on my birthday for all it was worth and we all got treated to lunch. Someone even brought me a cake at the end of the day. J made us a nice dinner and we watched a movie, though there were frequent interruptions due to happy birthday phone calls rolling in. Being that this is primarily a spanking blog I'm sure you're waiting for me to get to the good part.

I was wondering about where the whole "birthday spanking" idea even came from. I tried to search Wikipedia but there is only this brief mention of it:

In North America, there is a tradition of "birthday spankings" where the birthday girl or boy receives the same number of hits as their age (plus "one to grow") during the birthday party. Birthday spankings are administered over the clothes and usually by close friends or family members.

Well we all know that seriously needs updating. No, it isn't necessarily over clothes and there certainly aren't any family members involved. And it doesn't account for receiving several sets of swats for your current age. No reason to put a limit on things. If anyone knows more about the origins, please feel free to share with us. Whatever the case, a big thanks to whoever thought it up way back when! Lol. It can even provide a way to feel out a vanilla significant other's feelings about spanking. See if they really get into it. I actually received birthday spankings from J in the past before emerging as a spanko, but they weren't anything like this one.

I had been spanked the night before for other reasons with his hand, a leather strap, and a wooden paddle. That strap always leaves a tinge of bruising behind but I wasn't particularly sore the next day, or so I thought. Then the birthday spanking came. It was at the very end of the night because J is mean like that, leaving me anxious about it all night long. I walked into the bedroom and he was sitting on the bed with all of our implements set out around him. (All the ones we hide under the bed anyway. I realized later that he didn't grab any of the hairbrushes that I actually use daily, but you won't hear me complaining.)

I was bared and bent over the bed as I received 26 swats with his hand. They were mostly nice ones to start out with. "Now you're going to get 10 each with all 10 of these implements and count them out loud," he informed me. I could see that I might soon regret mentioning sprints vs. marathons earlier in the week. Fortunately the counting part was just 1-10 with each and I didn't have to get mixed up with big numbers. Lol. I got 10 with his belt, 10 with the bathbrush, 10 with the ruler, 10 with the other belt, 10 with the wood paddle.

It was around that point I definitely started feeling the effects of a spanking on top of a spanking from the night before. I was wriggling around quite a bit and he placed his hand on my back to keep me in position. 10 with the leather strap, 10 with the crop, 10 with the wooden spoon, 10 with the other wood paddle. He had me lay on the bed for the last 10 with the leather paddle. Well, almost. I got 8 swats with the leather paddle. "Are you ready for the last two?" he asked. "Yes," I said, still squirming from the previous eight. SMACK! SMACK! His hand landed firmly across my reddening cheeks. I don't like things being uneven and complained that he didn't do all 10 with the leather paddle. That led to him giving me two final hard swats with the paddle. So let's see, 26 + 100 + 2 = a marathon. My bottom was quite tender but I soon became distracted by other feelings. That wasn't quite the end of our night, but I'll just leave it at that. ;-)

Birthday spankings, genius.


MyMask said...

It is always nice how you leave us guessing at the end. mmmmm I guess your readers all have a pretty good imagination ;)

sarah thorne said...

Nice post!!

But, a wooden spoon on your birthday? That's just wrong!!


Lea said...

@MyMask, Yes, quite overactive imaginations I'm sure. ;-)

@sarah thorne, The strap was meaner than the spoon, but I agree!

Mikki said...

So glad to hear you had a good birthday!! And that it ended so well!! :^)

Arthur said...

@Lea Wonderful news that your birthday was properly celebrated. I must confess it is almost too much with all these mid-summer birthdays. Thankfully we have the weekend to celebrate everyone's birthday at once. @Rayne is coming up quite soon, and now I have something to contrast with.

kiwigirliegirl said...

Happy Birthday. In the UK we dont (or at least we didnt when i lived there)get birthday spankings what we got was the bumps - i suppose a derrivative of birthday spankings, we would be held by our feet and hands and our bottoms bounced (gently) on the floor for our number in age plus one more for luck....not quite the same thing...

Rayne said...

A very happy birthday indeed, Lea! Glad you and J had fun!! :D:D

@Arthur -- I do hope you are one of these people with an overactive imagination... Doing the same with each of our implements would be well over 100!! 0_O

kittengrl said...

Happy Birthday Lea. Sounds like it was certainly an eventful night!

Erica said...

Glad to hear you had such a nice birthday! :-) And yeah, I've always thought that cake expression was dumb too. Although I suppose if you eat the cake, you don't have it anymore. But whatever.

Lea said...

@Mikki, It did end very well. :-)

@Arthur, No, no, no, there will be no need to celebrate my birthday at the weekend. It'll be nearly a month past, much too late. Thank you for the thought though.

@kiwi, That's very interesting hearing the UK's version. I like ours better. :-)

@Rayne, Thanks! I think he does have a very overactive imagination indeed.

@kitten, Thank you! It was.

@Erica, I suppose if it was flipped around to be "You can't eat your cake and have it too" it would make a bit more sense. But I never hear it said that way.

Zelle said...

Lea... Don't you know the 180 day rule?? Yup.. seems that if your birthday falls on 180 days before or after someone asks ya.. You're getting a birthday spanking! LOL

Anyhooo... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Cute blog.. (grinz)

Marne said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Lea! Glad you had a good day!


Lea said...

@Zelle, Oh is that the rule? Sounds like complete "Top Logic" to me! Lol. Thanks for stopping by!

@Marne, Thank you, it was a great day!

Anonymous said...

Terrific post Lea. I am so glad that you had a great birthday.
Sorry I am late to post, we just got our power back.

Lea said...

@joey, Thanks! You don't have to apologize, I was afraid that may be the case. Hope you and your family are doing alright after the storm.