Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spankings And Breaking Peeps News

I'm in one of those moods lately where I theoretically want a long hard spanking and to be able to take it well and have that highly fantasized emotional release at the end of it all. I say theoretically because this doesn't always transfer over to real life. I've felt very stressed and emotionally taxed in recent weeks. Personal relationships, living situation, issues with family, friends, finances, and my workplace. It has been an utter shitstorm all at once. I think I have cried just about every day. But not as a result of spankings.

 It is rare that all the stars align for me to actually be brought to tears during a spanking. It's not usually a goal either because it seems if I aimed for that I'd be setting myself up for failure. So many things have to fall into place. I have taken some fairly hard ones but it's not the physical pain that gets me to that point. It has to happen in my head. The person spanking me needs to get in my head. Talking helps. When I have to respond to questions it keeps me in the moment and focusing on what is happening rather than letting my stressed out mind wander off worrying about something else. Letting myself submit to it, like Alex wrote about here.

I feel very connected to S when he spanks me. He is a considerate and caring person and top. He has helped me push my limits before when that's where I needed to go. I trust him to do that. He's spanked me in this last week and I felt I wussed out. He started with the leather paddle, a favorite, and even that was testing me early on. Everything stung and I had a hard time staying in place. The wooden paddle was even harder to tolerate. By the time he got to the cane, I was nearly leaping off the bed with each stroke. I squirmed all over the place which I'm sure made it very difficult to aim. It didn't last much longer after that but I did get some cuddling time which was nice.

My idea of fireplay
I have a topic on my mind that I'm wanting to write about but I haven't sorted it all into rational thoughts yet. I may have it all processed by the weekend. But for now, onto the reason I'm sure you're still here. Breaking Peeps news! I have a gas fireplace in my home that recently was made to work after years of living here and never turning it on. I started thinking hey, I wonder if I could roast Peeps in there. Because what normal person wouldn't have that thought?

I took the question to Fetlife about if it was safe to eat Peeps roasted in a fireplace or if I'd die of toxic chemical intake or something. The answers I got were all yes it should be fine and some had done the same thing on a gas stove. That was all the reassurance I needed. I untwisted a hanger and started roasting. Note- Though they tasted just fine, they burn MUCH quicker this way than over a real wood fire. 

Fireplace Peeps were a success and I wish I had the ingredients to make Peeps'mores. Maybe next time. Besides fireplaces amazing abilities to roast Peeps, I have more Peeps news. This weekend a friend gave me a bag of chocolates, pictured on the right. This was a product that even I had never had before! I've never even seen them. They are called Peepsters. If you can't read the description in the pic, they are chocolates with a marshmallow flavored creme center.

This is the perfect treat for Peeps lovers and also for people who hate the texture of Peeps but like the marshmallow flavor. If you just don't like marshmallows, you won't like these either. And what is wrong with you anyway? They come in milk chocolate and dark chocolate and were delicious. I say were in past tense because hello, they've since been eaten. She found them in the candy aisle at a local grocery store with the rest of the Easter stuff, so check out a store near you!

This is a closeup of what is inside the bag. They are individually wrapped in pink, yellow, and orange. The colors are just decoration though because inside they are all the same. You can see what an unwrapped one looks like. How cute are these chocolates? Shaped like a Peep with the logo on it. And did I mention delicious? I was asked on Facebook if I get paid to promote Peeps. I wish!! My spanking weekend would be paid off by now. Lol. I'm just passionate about my candy. Easter is less than 2 weeks away and I will report any other Peeps related adventures. I may even try to my hand at one of the many Easter recipes I've seen with the Peeps theme. So many ideas!


Marne said...

Lea, I never pass a Peeps display - or even see one of the little critters - without thinking of you! You can be assured that you are on my mind quite a bit at this time of the year.

Kenzie said...

Lol, love all the info about the peeps.. SO cute! I can totally relate to that feeling of just wanting/needing a hard spanking .. tears and all. I agree that talking, lecturing, having to answer questions would be needed to get to that point. Hope you get it soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your spanking experience. I am glad that you are using your cane.


Regan Marie said...

I'm sorry to hear you're feeling out of sorts lately, but I also believe that it's a beautiful thing that you share yourself so deeply. You have to be tough to show this much vulnerability, and it's this vulnerability that makes you so darn likeable. You say the things the rest of us are afraid to say. NEED a spanking, I'm trying to get OUT of a spanking. Maybe we can talk to somebody and work out a deal!

Yeah. I know. Never works. Stupid "Stupid Top Trick" Rulebook!


p.s. I'm so looking forward to Peeps roasting! It's one of my favorite weekend things.

Anonymous said...

So Sorry,you are stressed! MMM Peeps!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Hermione said...

Lea - I too always think of you when I see Peeps.

I can't imagine roasting them in a gas fireplace, probably because all the ones I have seen have a glass barrier that allows you to see the flames, but keeps you at arm's length from them. I suppose yours must be quite different.


Susie said...

We were watching a different tv channel that we usually watch and saw the best peeps commercial. Two little boys--one dreaming of all the different things you can do with peeps. I laughed and laughed and then told my husband about you. I hope you've seen the commercial.

sugarsweethoney21 said...


Great post! I am shocked that there could possibly be anything Peeps you dont know of---you're the definitive expert on the subject!! :) Back near Thanksgiving we took a trip to a little town we visit every year (the same town where I found our razor strop and cirque cane). One of the little shops in that town is a candy store that had a huge display of Peeps stuff, and it of course made me think of you. I took pictures of all of the items and was gonna make a post with them, but then I figured you've probably seen it all before :) I think the pics are still on our phone...maybe I'll make a post out of it yet! :)

Lea said...

@Marne, I hope that's a good thing! ;-)

@Kenzie, Thanks. Isn't it annoying when your body can't just react the way you want it to? Grr.

@joey, It has gotten some use. And it's still scary. Lol.

@Regan, Thank you. I would totally trade! But I agree that it never works out the way we want it to. I can't wait for Peep roasting! It's fun making J gag. Haha.

@Jean, They are well worth trying!

@Hermione, Yes mine has a chain mail type front that you just move aside to get to the fire.

@Susie, This is the first year ever that I've seen a few Peeps commercials! I wonder why they started more advertising.

@sugar, Feel free to send them if you'd like. There are indeed some things I'm unaware of! It's always nice to be thought of. :-)