Thursday, March 14, 2013

Steak and BJ Party

According to the internet, March 14 is Steak and Blowjob Day. It was made up as the man's holiday to follow a month after Valentine's Day, the woman's holiday. Personally, I didn't get anything for Valentine's Day so why should I reciprocate for this made-up holiday? I don't like steak.

In any case, it ended being the theme for a play party this past weekend hosted by NLA-Utah. They throw the best parties and I haven't missed one yet. It's a fun group of people and always very well organized with great hosts. And yes, there was a penis shaped cake there. Would've been silly to not have one.

I had been spanked by somebody new a few days before the party. It went quite well and now a metal shoehorn is on my acceptable implements list. Only because I prefer stingy so don't take my recommendation on that if you don't. I was quite sore after that spanking and still sporting a few marks from it at the time of this party.

But when has that stopped me? I was ready to go, but not before being on the giving end of a spanking. It was my friend L's birthday and a milestone birthday at that. I had brought my London Tanners strap with me to add a few swats of my own. I did announce first that I am not a top so I didn't want to hear any shit about my lack of technique. Just for fun, people. She wasn't done in by me but got plenty of attention. Happy birthday L!

E and I had talked earlier about playing later on so I went and found him. Something else had just finished up so there were people milling about in the room. I'm about as far from an exhibitionist as one can be. Yes I realize I'm saying that as you're looking at a picture of my ass, but I mean in person. Though with how parties are set up here and DM's needing access to all areas to monitor safety, finding an empty room is near impossible.

So I dealt with it and tried to block out the crowd and focus on the spanking as I got into position. He warmed me up with his hand and then switched to a spatula of some sort. It was so awkwardly quiet as everyone watched that I started making smart ass comments about not liking the music I could hear playing upstairs. That got people laughing and talking about other background music choices.

I tend to be pretty quiet when I'm spanked and this time wasn't much different. Others around were actually voicing more outward oww's and cringes at the swats than I was, which was pretty funny. That is not to say it didn't hurt. It was pretty hard and I was very sore, but I'm just not very vocal. Maybe the crowd added to that with making me subconsciously hold it in since I now had a rep to prove. Lol.

Several other implements were used including ping pong paddles, a belt, and a long wooden paddle. I was being spanked fairly hard with a plastic spatula when I heard E say that it broke. Yeah, I was amused and a bit proud. That's happened very few times in the past. Fortunately it didn't splinter right on me or anything so we continued on.

Not long after that, as he was spanking me with a big paddle ball type paddle, it broke too! The handle just snapped right off. That led to many comments about my "iron ass" breaking all the implements. My bottom was pretty toasted at that point so we didn't go on for too much longer. I counted out a final ten and we were done. I gave him a hug, laughed at the death of his implements, and took them as a souvenir. I may have also shared with anyone listening all night that I caused them to break. Hehe.

The day after
It's not often that I've assed an implement so I enjoyed it. Disclaimer to any tops who can actually read- THIS IS NOT A CHALLENGE! We all know I'm a wuss but just let me have my moment. I was very sore after all that so didn't play any more for the night. The marks are still there as I write this several days later. But I call it a victory. :-)


alex reynolds said...

Congratulations on assing an implement! That's a huge badge of honor!
PS- your butt looks GREAT. :D

Marne said...

Wow, Lea! You broke TWO implements in one scene. Will you try for three in April? (Joking - honestly!)

ronnie said...

You broke two in one session. I've only ever broken one.

Enjoyed reading your post. Thanks Lea.


Brooke said...

It's totally a victory when an implement is broken. :) Good job! Lol, sounds like you had fun. Thanks for sharing :)

Erica said...

I have to laugh at that Steak & Blowjob Day logo -- that looks more like a kiss than anything else! Perhaps it could also be used for Meat and Greet Day. :-)

TL Bucko said...

Breaking two implements. Talk about your buns of steel. You go girl! Glad you had fun. If Bucko finds out there is a holiday that involves him getting a blowjob, I'm totally screwed. Pun intended.


Anonymous said...

It's steak and a B J Day in Big Germany too ;-)

Lea said...

@alex, I was pretty happy about it. :-) Thank you!

@Marne, Haha. Unlikely, but you never know!

@ronnie, Well that's just quitter talk. Go for 2! ;-)

@Brooke, I know, right? Lol.

@Erica, Oh there were some more explicit logo pics but I try to keep it classy. ;-)

@TL Bucko, Haha. Well hopefully Bucko avoided the internet today!

@BigGerman, You have fun with that! ;-)

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the photos. Nice colors.

I am glad you had fun.


Lea said...

@joey, It was quite colorful! As was my language when I tried to sit down later on. Lol.

Kaelah said...

Impressive marks, Lea, or should I say Ms Bionic Killer Bottom (poor implements)! Looks like you had a great time. :-)