Sunday, April 7, 2013

Your Questions Answered

March was question month here in blogland and here I'll share my answers.

Kaelah asked: If you ever fall in love with a kinky guy who doesn't feel comfortable going to public events like spanking parties, can you imagine to give that up for him?

Ooh, that's a tough question. I've written about my feelings regarding playing with multiple partners in my post Being Polyspankerous. I enjoy being spanked by different people. It lets me experience a variety of dynamics and headspaces. It's not the same with any two people. I like seeing where things can go with someone and learning new things about them and myself as we develop our spanking relationship. 

I may be taking your question wrong. I'm not sure if you mean just strictly attending parties or playing with others in general. I looove spanking parties. All I wrote above about playing with others applies, but parties are as much if not more about the social experience for me than getting spanked. I am not a real social person by nature and in my vanilla life, but put me in the middle of 60 other spankos and I love it. I'm comfortable. I finally fit in somewhere.
I've developed such great friendships from the spanking scene. I can't imagine giving that up. Yes I know it is possible to have vanilla trips to see friends but when people are all across the country that wouldn't be easy to do. I would hope that my partner would understand the importance of that to me and we could come to a compromise. Whether that be only playing with each other but still attending to see folks or going by myself if it just wasn't his thing.

Good question, Kaelah! If I fell in love with a kinky guy in the first place I'd probably be pretty happy already. That made me think about the whole quandary of dating vanilla or kinky and the difficulties with each. Nobody is lined up at my door to take me out though so it's not something I've had to deal with so far. Lol. That may be a future post idea.

Kenzie asked: Is there anything spank related that you haven't tried yet that you want to try?

Absolutely! There are so many things that can be done in the realm of spanking and certainly some I haven't done yet. I'm happy with what I have done and what I'm doing currently. But a little experimentation never hurt anyone. That may not be the best phrasing considering the subject, hehe. There are implements I've never tried. A dragon tail whip on Cane-iac has me intrigued. Floggers, martinets, and rug beaters are things I'd like to have more experience with.

Bondage incorporated with a spanking is something I've enjoyed and would like to expand on. With someone I really trust, I want to be vulnerable and have them in full control. Being blindfolded or restrained are things that add to me feeling more submissive in the situation. Though it is one of those things where I'm likely more compliant in fantasy than reality. ;-)

Ronnie asked: Have you always loved Peeps?

Well of course! :-) 

She also asked: Who would you want to play the role of you in a movie?

I actually got my scene name "Lea" from Maggie Gyllenhaal's character in Secretary. Yes, I know in the movie it's spelled Lee. She could be me. Can James Spader play my love interest? Please? ;-) I've been told a few times that I resemble Anne Hathaway. I don't agree but take it as a compliment because I think she's beautiful. She could be another choice.

Thanks for the questions! It's no longer question month but if anyone ever does have a question about something, feel free to ask.


Kenzie said...

Thanks for answering mine and the others, it was fun reading your responses! I actuallu found a funny peeps picture and I thought of you, lol... im sure youve already seen almost all of them by now though! :)

Anonymous said...


Thanks for answering these questions so well. You are an awesome person, I really hope you find someone that is a perfect match.

I also like bondage while being spanked.

See you very soon.


ronnie said...


Thanks for answering. Definitely take it as a complement as Anne Hathaway is beautiful.

I'm going to ask friend to bring back some peeps from the US:)


Lea said...

@Kenzie, Oh there are still some out there I haven't seen yet. Thanks for contributing a question!

@joey, Thank you. Something as simple as hand restraints can definitely add to a scene.

@ronnie, Thanks for the question! And I'm sad that you can't get Peeps where you live! Definitely have your friend pack a few!