Sunday, February 17, 2013

We All Scream For Spanko Ice Cream- Redux

It is still winter but it's always a good time for ice cream. Today I'm sharing an older post where I had some fun with an ice cream flavor generator. 

Thank you to Hermione for sharing Ben and Jerry's flavor generator with me and inspiring this post. Have you ever wondered about ice cream being specially marketed to spankos? What would the flavors be named? Well, here are a few ideas I came up with.

(featured illustration by Dave Wolfe)

Some aren't as subtle...

And who could forget a Ben & Jerry's classic...

What's your favorite flavor?


Anonymous said...

I'm liking "Not So Vanilla". I'm wondering, though, what would be in it, because, obviously, it can't just be vanilla. Little milk chocolate hairbrushes, maybe?

I think this would be one of those "slow churned" type ice creams. You know, because it's already been stirred with a paddle.

Thanks for the laugh, lea!


Anonymous said...


Terrific flavors. I think I like cherry red best. How about "black and blue berries" for a flavor.


SublimeWifey said...

This is so fun! Would you mind if I shared a few on my tumblr?

Susie said...

Kinda brilliant Lea.

Now you just have to buy a pint, take it home, put a picture on and then return it to add to somebody's very fun day.

LOL...make it one of the high ones in the case so a kid doesn't see or pick it up.

Lea said...

@Regan, Little milk chocolate hairbrushes sound like a great idea!

@joey, Black and blue berries, I like that too! I'd have to put one of my own older pics on it. Lol.

@SublimeWifey, Not at all, feel free to share.

@Susie, Haha. I'm not sure I'm feeling that adventurous!

Anonymous said...


I was thinking of the color of your bottom after a spanking.


Lea said...

@joey, Good comparison. ;-)