Monday, February 4, 2013

Playing With Rope

Below is a picture of a new shirt I got recently. It's funny how many people do a double take because at first glance they assume it reads "Hello Kitty." I chose to wear this shirt to a Mardi Gras themed party this weekend because it was the closest I would be getting to showing my titties.

 I've been curious about playing with rope for a while but had never gotten around to talking with anyone about it very extensively. That whole initiating things issue. Ugh. I have experienced wrist and ankle restraints during spanking and sexual play. I liked that and wanted to experiment further.

Cool new shirt
The opportunity came up at this most recent party after chatting with IF about it. He's very good with rope and I've seen a lot of pictures of the stuff he's done. We decided on aiming for functional rather than just pretty/decorative rope work and I got tied to a table to be spanked.

Does this rope make my boobs look fat?
First he did the chest harness deal pictured above and looped through another rope that was secured to the other side of the table. Then my arms, wrists, and legs were all tied. Those were not directly tied to the table so I could still move a bit and not have my limbs fall asleep.

Tied up

Of course with my chest being secured down on the table I was mostly immobile anyway, which was the idea. I needed S for the second half of this and he was happy to oblige with a spanking. As if I really had to twist his arm. By the way, all these pics were taken afterwards as you can probably tell from the reddened bottom.

Side angle
I couldn't really turn around to see who was present but could hear voices of a few people gathered in the room. S had his toy bag out but started off spanking me with his hand. He switched to the cane which was way too stingy right then and I asked if we could use something different. Well be careful what you wish for because next came the wooden stick and then a leather strap.

The end result, no pun intended.
Everything was stingy and I could feel my bottom had definitely reddened. He kept checking in that I was alright in that position and I would frequently wiggle my hands to keep them from falling asleep. That's something you need to do a lot when in restraints. All in all it went well and I enjoyed it. 
My official review on rope is I like it! It brings a different level of vulnerability to the spanking. There were people around during this scene and a lot of chatter so there was a lighter tone. But it's definitely something I'd try again. And in a more private, intimate setting it would be a whole different feeling and could lead to all sorts of things... Sorry, my mind wandered off there. :-D


PK said...

I'm so glad you have a safe place where you can enjoy all this. I wish that for all spankos!


Anonymous said...


I love, love rope bondage. I spent had a three hour private class with one of the best riggers on the planet, David Rykman.

I actually prefer to be tied and love rope marks, but I am quite good with rope as a rigger. I will bring some to the weekend.

Bondage and spanking for me is the equal of ice cream and chocolate syrup.

I am glad you enjoyed your experience.

We really, really missed you on Saturday.

Very Big Hug,

alex reynolds said...

Oooh, the haress made your boobs look AWESOME.
Thanks for sharing this experience. While I've dabbled in some rope related play, I've never been spanked while in rope before. I guess I'll need to give it a try at some point. Like you, I have a hard time with initiating things! It makes me feel very awkward. -_-
Your butt looks particularly lovely in the last picture. I love your purple panties! :D

Brooke said...

Ooh, sounds like lots of fun! Thanks for sharing, and great pictures!

Oh and I totally did a double take of the shirt :)

Kaelah said...

Looks like a great experience, Lea. I love rope, too! Unfortunately, Ludwig and I haven't managed to learn more about bondage, yet, so we have just used rope as simple restraints so far. Being bound is not only extremely hot in my view, it also somehow helps me to relax and feel safe. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Lea said...

@PK, Me too! Thanks for reading!

@joey, Ooh you'll have rope at the weekend? We need to talk about a private scene. :-) I missed you all on Saturday too!

@alex, Thanks for the compliments! I highly recommend giving it a try.

@Brooke, Hehe, so did a few people at the restaurant I walked into before the party!

@Kaelah, It is a very interesting feeling. Simple restraints can be a lot of fun as well!