Sunday, May 6, 2012

#$%* Bruce Springsteen!

Bruce Springsteen got me spanked! Let's start at the beginning. Last week, I met with my friend S for a spanking. I was lying out on the bed and he was spanking me with his hand and then the leather paddle. He was slowly making his way through my collection of implements.

I don't remember what even brought it up at first. I'd said something about seeing Bruce Springsteen on a late night talk show when I was on the plane coming home from my recent trip. I couldn't believe he was doing another tour. I mean, come on. Who are the sponsors? Lipitor and Viagra? Retire already!

I don't think S is even a Springsteen fan but was just trying to be disagreeable. He's a top, after all. That's what they do. He started to spank me harder and said I was being rude towards Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Can't forget them. He switched to a wooden paddle and I was really squirming.

He said that he would stop whenever I said "Bruce Springsteen brought sexy back," referencing a song by one of my favorite artists, Justin Timberlake. I just rolled my eyes because there was no way I was going to say that. Justin brought sexy back, not Bruce, and everyone knows it!

He continued to spank me with the wooden paddle and then the bathbrush. It was pretty hard, I don't think I've struggled so much during a spanking in quite some time. I was squirming all over the place, kicking my legs up to try to block the swats, attempting to roll over on my side.

He solved that issue by leaning into me and wrapping his arm around my waist to keep me in place. That mostly immobilized me, aside from a few kicks of the legs. My bottom was really stinging and I was guessing it was already marked. Am I really going to have to say it? Dammit! This is ridiculous! I resisted a few times but he persisted, not letting up with the paddle.

"Okay, okay. Fine!" I said. He paused with the paddle. "Do you have something to say?" he asked. "Yes!" I let out a purposefully loud sigh. "Bruce Springsteen brought sexy back." I waited for lightning to strike me, but it didn't. That concluded the scene. A silly one, but I had the marks to show for it. Stupid wooden things.

This past week on American Idol, the guest/mentor of the week was Little Steven Van Zandt. He's the singer/guitarist from the E Street Band who wears the bandana. I laughed when I was watching the episode at that being the second Springsteen related reference in one week. And that is my tale of how Bruce Springsteen got me spanked.

Dammit, I've had Born In The USA stuck in my head since I started writing this.


Susie said...

Well dammit, now I do too! Lol

Marne said...

Lea, haven't you learned by now that you can't try to have a conversation with a Top during a spanking? It doesn't matter WHAT you say, it will still get you into more trouble! Well, after all, that is a Top's predisposition...

Anonymous said...


Terrific spanking story. I can just imagine your comments to S.


Anonymous said...

@ Marne --Great advice which of course you never follow. LOL.

Anonymous said...

think how much worse it would have been if i made us listen to a Springsteen Pandora station!

-S ;)

Country Spanker said...

Quite right you should suffer for not appreciating the genius of Broooce

Lea said...

@Susie, Quite catchy, isn't it?

@Marne, I know, I know! Why don't I remember things in the moment?

@joey, What really gets me though is he doesn't even like Bruce Springsteen either. Tops. Sigh.

@S, Ohnooo! That would just be cruel and unusual punishment!

@Country Spanker, Eh, I don't totally hate his music, but it's just something I wouldn't pick out to listen to.

Marne said...

@Joey Giving advice is much easier than following it! Besides, I can't keep my mouth shut when the opportunity to harass (nicely, of course) a Top presents itself.

Anonymous said...

@ Marne..."Why am I not surprised that you can't keep your mouth shut"
@Lea...hey I grew up with Springsteen and guess what...I'm going to his concert when he comes!
@S...I think she should have been made to listen to pandora Springsteen station..hmmmph..would have done her!!!


Anonymous said...

Here in Jersey, being a Springsteen fan is pretty much a requirement.

And it doesn't matter if you make smart aleck comments, Tops will just spank you for being "too suspiciously quiet."

So don't blame yourself.


Kaki said...

Lea, when asked during or ending a spanking when I'm asked who's the boss I often reply, Bruce Springstein. Of course, that isn't the answer he is looking for.

playful little brat said...

lol, this is too funny. Those darn tops and getting us to say silly things like that with their weapon of a spanking!

Lea said...

@Deb, Deb---> bus---> O->-< (Lea lying on road)

@Regan, Good point. I think I have been spanked for being quiet before.

@Kaki, Haha! And I can guess how that turned out for you!

@playful little brat, Yes, they do try so hard.

bobbsroom said...

Good morning Lea. It never surprises me what a diverse effect the great man has on so many different people. For me he is the best showman and greatest rock poet next to Dylan. For you obviously a bitter sweet experience taken out on your undoubtedly lovely derriere. Being English i would have had to have brought the cane into play at some stage just to drive home the message properly. Loving the blog so, far still working my way through.


Anonymous said...

LOL...I could have made myself say the Bruce Springsteen one, but if it had been Justin Bieber I would have been in trouble.

Lea said...

@Bob, The cane? Ouch! You must really like Springsteen! Thanks for stopping by!

@governingana, Fortunately for me, S is not Canadian. Lol. Thanks for stopping by!