Sunday, May 13, 2012


The other night I was planning to hang out with my friend S. There had been a mention about going out to dinner somewhere. He told me that he was going to spank me until I decided where I'd like to get dinner. I didn't think he was being serious. Where do you think this story is going?

I'm the first to admit that I can be quite indecisive. This trait can really annoy some people. I don't know that it's even about not being able to decide something, it's just that I'm very neutral and okay with doing what the other person wants to do. Lea= doormat. You could put it that way too, I suppose.

Have you ever read the book The Color Code by Taylor Hartman? It's one of those personality test type things. Some think it's crappy pop psychology, but I found it to be kind of interesting. I'm a "white" personality across the board. Categorized as the peace-keepers. They are kind, considerate, patient, accepting, and good at constructing thoughts. They also don't express conflict or commonly share what they're feeling, may be unwilling to set goals, and can be very self-deprecating. Ha. Me? Never!

On my recent trip back to NYC, I was at the grocery store with two of my friends. R was asking me if I wanted a, b, or c out of some things she was picking out. As I stood there still thinking, A shook his head and said "Don't ask her or we'll be here all night," and laughed. But it was so true. Lol. I really didn't care, I was fine with whatever they wanted to get.

Fast forward back to the other night. S came over and indeed followed through on what he'd said earlier. Shortly after arriving and setting his stuff down, I was soon pushed up against the hallway closet door. He unfastened my jeans and pulled them down and briskly spanked me with his hand. "Do you know where you want to go yet?" he asked. Of course I didn't! Why do tops think I could answer a question better when I'm under duress that I couldn't answer it in the first place?

He pulled my panties down and told me not to move. He went in the other room to retrieve his leather strap and 3 strand delrin cane from his bag. Thanks a lot, Cane-iac! He returned and proceeded to spank me with the leather strap. That one makes a LOT of noise. No wonder my neighbors don't make eye contact with me...

I was already squirming, but had I decided yet? No. "And this isn't helping!" I told him. He switched to the delrin cane and continued to redden my bottom. My oww's and aah's weren't slowing him down. "Fine!" I named a restaurant. He agreed that it sounded fine so after putting myself back together, we continued on our way to dinner.

The moral of this story is that top logic is, and always will be, ridiculous. It doesn't work. Yes, I made the decision, but not because he spanked it out of me. I'm a nice person and mindful of other people's schedules. I simply didn't want the whole night to pass by and both of us to starve. I'm very courteous. Yes, that is why. Be quiet.


Ursus Lewis said...


sarah thorne said...


Just another reason to spank!!

With me, most times I honestly don't care what we eat, so would rather the other person decide what suits THEIR fancy!


Te said...

Lol... unless you're being spanked Sarah. I totally get this. :) Thanks for the thoughts, lover.

Emen said...

"Where are we going to eat" be damned. "Pushed up against hall closet door, hand, strap, delrin."

You are quite decisive and very aggressive at making me feel that.


Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like you're covertly decisive. You decided you wanted a spanking before dinner, and you got what you wanted (good for you)!

You decided that deferring a choice instead of helping R decide was going to be your way of being a "good guest".

Maybe you've been deciding to let other people make choices for you because it's a lot more comfortable than taking the risk that you might make a "wrong" choice. (It's okay to be human, you know!)

Maybe you need more practice with making decisions before it comes naturally to you. Being "indecisive" might not be you at all.

Just something to think about.



bree said...

I am being quiet. ;) (Muffled giggling)

Lea said...

@Urs, You're smiling because I'm right. Right? ;-)

@sarah, I agree. I am a picky eater but can usually find at least one thing on any menu anywhere that I could deal with.

@Te, Thanks for commenting! We missed you at the party last night!

@Emen, Well after all the fun, you'd be hungry. ;-)

@Regan, I do know that I often try to stay neutral to avoid conflict, so often find it easier to just go along with what someone else wants.

@bree, I'm not sure if you're giggling as a bottom or a top. I'll assume you're on my side here.

bree said...

@Lea I think so, but I am not sure. Am I? :worried: Will I get spanked if I say I am agreeing with you as a bottom instead of a Top? :biting nails:

Wait I have it! Tops never giggle. :)

ronnie said...

LOL. sorry had to laugh.


Anonymous said...


Terrific story Lea. I am on your side Lea, spanking does not help the decision making process or memory for that matter.

Also, I enjoyed the story with A and R.

Thank you for sharing,


Ana said...

LOL...great story.

playful little brat said...

lol, crazy tops and their crazy reasons to spank!

Lea said...

@bree, Well, tops RARELY giggle. I think we know a few who are prone to laughter.

@ronnie, I'll assume that you agree with my point. ;-)

@joey, It doesn't help memory at all. My memory is normally pretty good, but ask me something while I'm being spanked and I go blank. Silly tops and their methods!

@Ana, Glad you enjoyed reading it!

@playful little brat, I know, right? They never seem to run out of them! They have as many reasons to spank as I do reasons to tease them!