Sunday, May 27, 2012


I have a party update to share, but first something to whine about. A friend recently sold me on the wonder that is Google Play so I downloaded it and went through the options to upload my whole music collection to the program aka the Google Cloud. I have over 40 GB of music so this takes a LONG time. And a warning to anyone who chooses to do this- once the uploading process starts, you can't stop it. You either download your collection or don't, but there are no other options in the program. There is no pause once it gets going. And it's been using up nearly all my bandwidth making my internet pretty much unusable. 

That is why I couldn't write this post when I originally wanted it up on Thursday. Grr. Just trying to read someone else's blog and write a comment took almost 10 minutes to load the page. S helped me find an option to at least slow the upload speed so that I can actually use my computer in the meantime. Which is how I'm writing this now. Anyway, you've been warned should you decide to use that program and upload your own collection. How does it actually work other than that? I'll know in 8 more days when it's actually finished with all my music. Lol.

So back to the party update. Last weekend I attended a luau themed play party. I often don't dress up for the themes but this time I did. I found a sarong that I got a few years ago in Hawaii and wore that as a skirt. I also had a shell necklace that came from Hawaii, courtesy of my friend tb. And I wore my Peeps flip flops just because. I figured if anything they could be a conversation piece. Or conversation Peeps, as S said. It's okay if you cringed. I did too when he said it.                                      
Most people were dressed for the theme. There were coconut bras and grass skirts and leis all around. There were many dishes for the food table involving Spam. People are very inventive with the food. I'm lazy and don't cook so did not contribute anything. I should've brought Peeps, I still have over 20 boxes left to go through. I really wished I had when I found out later that they had a firepit. Peep roast! Or I could've turned them into kabobs of some sort. Peeps and pineapple slices on a skewer. Hmm, maybe next time. One of the group leaders had made cake balls which were sooo good. I think I had like 100 of them. Lol.

There was a good crowd there. A lot of folks that I know and many new ones too. I don't think many people know who I am though. I'm terribly antisocial. I really don't try to be. I'm very shy when I don't know people well yet and often don't know what to say. When you are a woman as tall as I am, it's pretty hard to just blend into the background. But after years of practice I've apparently succeeded at doing that. Lol. So if you were at this party and are reading this wondering who the hell I am, it happens.  
I did play once with S. I don't play a lot at the parties because 1. I've only played with one person locally and 2. there isn't the available privacy that I'm used to. With the SCONY parties, you can play in a public area if you choose to. But there are also lots of spaces set up for private play. And that's always what I've done. Having people watching me gives me anxiety. I feel like the odd man out with my aversion to public play because here it's pretty common since that's just how things are set up. It's what people are used to. And that's fine, it's just very different for me.

S and I searched for a unoccupied area to play and found one. I was soon bent over the couch with my skirt raised and he started spanking me with his hand. The toy bag was emptied as he made his way through a few straps and a flogger. The noise seemed to have attracted some attention and out of the corner of my eye I could see some people wander into the room. I tried to ignore that and closed my eyes to focus on the spanking. The longer thin leather strap really got me squirming. I think that's the one that left a welt or two that I could feel throughout the night. I was fairly quiet though, my oww's muffled into the top of the couch. Things wrapped up and we hugged and returned to the rest of the party.

Despite my ridiculous social anxiety, I did have a good time. It was a fun group and the people that I do know and talk to, I enjoyed seeing. And that is my party story. In other news, I see that this past week I've reached over 100 followers on this blog. Hooray! I don't know if all of them are still reading, but to all who are, thank you! I hope it's been entertaining! Have a good weekend everybody.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you had a fun time lea. Public play is common with the local groups on LI as well.

Congratulations on reaching 100 followers!


Emen said...

You don't have to warn me about the labyrinths of Google Play. It did deliver one app fairly quickly, that I paid for, that turned out pretty useless, but I'm sure there are GP clouds churning in the darkness I've forgotten I initiated.

I love your reportage on the parties. It's something I don't think I'll ever do but your frankness and insight has really brought it alive to me. That's a gift. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I love the pic of grilled peeps! That's hilarious!

Oh, wow! Thank goodness I've always been afforded the luxury of privacy booths. I NEVER could have gotten adjusted to a culture of strictly public scenes. I'm a lucky girl!

Thanks for the window on your life, Lea!

Dragon's Rose said...

I don't know anything about google play. I am still trying to get my play lost on the kindle. One gadget to take with me instead of two.

Public play can be a hard one. We started with what I would call an almost vanilla scene and progressed from there. Now we are usually the first to play at most parties and end up with a large audience. After the first 50 strokes of the flogger or paddle, I don't notice them anymore. When the pain builds and I'm not flying yet, I don't have time to worry about what others think.

I am no social butterfly and I don't have to be when I am in a scene. Before and after the scene people are usually full of questions for both of us. That is ok. I can answer questions without looking like the hermit I really am.

Anonymous said...

upload speed and other controls are configurable via the music manager icon on the task bar. icon looks like some orange headphones


ronnie said...

Son's thinking of uploading his music collection to Google Cloud, I'll warn him, thanks.

Sounds like you had a good time at the party. I can't image what it would be like to have people watching me being spanked.

Thanks Lea.


Lea said...

@joey, Thanks! It does seem that SCONY's setup is pretty unique.

@Emen, Your welcome, glad you enjoy reading about it!

@Regan, I found that pic when I Googled "Peep kabobs." Whatever idea I think of has already been done. That means I'm normal, right??

@Dragon's Rose, Thanks for sharing your insight! I think what you describe is how many must feel, with forgetting the crowd because your lost in your scene.

@S, Got it. Thank you. :-)

@ronnie, It's definitely a different experience!